Vision and Mission

Assembly vision

1. Vision statement:

The vision of the Saudi Association of Optometry is that all Saudis utilize a doctor of optometry as their primary eye care provider, collaborating in their overall health care.

Values Statement:
The Saudi Association of Optometry is committed to promoting the following core values which define, guide and inform our professional association:

· Professionalism

· Transparency

· Education

· Advocacy

· Proactivity

· Innovation

· Leadership

· Integrity

· Collaboration

Assembly mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Saudi Association of Optometry is

To support and advance the profession of optometry to assure quality health care for all Saudis

To improve the art and science of optometry

To maintain high standards within the profession

To promote the better public understanding of the optometry profession.

To fulfill the eye care needs of the community through clinical care, research and education to enhance quality of life

General objectives

Assembly aims to achieve the following general objectives:

  • To maintain the honor and integrity of the optometric profession
  • To provide support to aid programs directed at the provision of eye and vision care to the community in need
  • Promote measures designed to improve standards of eye care and the practice of optometry
  • Improve the welfare and social standards of its members and encourage the co-operation of its members in the protection of their legal and ethical rights